The Singapore Nighttime Grand Prix won Alonso

Singapore. Spanish F1 driver Fernando Alonso has won the Grand Prix of Singapore, the first race in the history of the series under artificial lighting.

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A Nico Rosberg from Williams was the Renault pilot who won the first season for the first season, and Lewis Hamilton From McLaren. Start with the favorite.

The Grand Prix has managed the first three without any problems, leaving Felipe Massa, Hamilton and Kimi Räikkönen in turn.Over time they separated themselves for a few seconds. Britain’s leading champion began to catch the Brit before the first wheel of the tank, when he was aware of a faster monopost.

Fourth place was held by Robert Kubica, the 5th winner of Italian VC Sebastian Vettel. Alonso was the first to target Alonso, and in his case Renault had a tactic of two stops. His teammate Nelsin Piquet did not get to the mechanics, in the 15th round he stumbled into the guards. From the destroyed monopost, he walked his way.The safety car came out on track and, in addition to Jarre Trulli and Giancarlo Fisichelle, they all went to the show.

The Massa’s disaster was massacred by Massa, who after leaving the monopost jammed part of the fuel hose.The Brazilian departed Ferrari at the end of the pitchers, and the mechanics who came to his aid, “freed” him for tens of seconds.

The error was in the electronic signaling of the exit, because Massa just responded to the green light, which almost changed in red again in a second, but one of the mechanics was lying on the ground, and Räikkönen was not able to wonder what it was Ahead of him.

Massa figured out after the safety car’s departure on the last crossover and there was little, the commissioners got the punishment of boxing for a dangerous departure. Kubica, who was tanking at the time when the pitcher was closed, did not escape the punishment. In his case, commissioners ordered 10 seconds of stop and go.

The order looked absurd. He led Rosberg, followed by Trulli, Fisichella, Kubica and Alonso.Rosbergov Williams went very well, making his way ahead of Toyota and the others was not a problem. But even Nemec got 10 seconds to stop and go, and his unexpected chances of winning the championship have weakened. Trulli has come for the new tires up to half of the race. Alonso first took Alonso to the top, the other took Rosberg, the third David Coulthard and hammered Hamilton, long only one of the favorites in the first tenth.Eventually, the rider Räikkönen, who overcame the slower pilots, was able to ride there.

Alonso went on to the second and last stop of 20 laps before the end, and in this case the Renault tactics came out because he came back just before Coulthard and Hamilton.

These pilots then exchanged their places and went to the boxes together after one round. Hamilton came out before his countryman. Räikkönen rehearsed for the second time in the 50th round and returned to fifth. Conclusion was full of excitement. Trulli betrayed the mechanics, Massa blamed Adrian Sutil after his mistake and he thrashed into the raiders, so the track came out for the second time a safety car. He played the carat on all except for Alonso, because his 20-second lead was gone.But after leaving SC it was obvious that Spaniard had not lost his speed. The others immediately left.

Four rounds before Räikkönen’s target did not manage and stopped him until the riders. From his fifth place, Vettel could look forward. Ferrari and his fans prepared a tragic performance, on the other hand Renault won the first season victory. Singapore Grand Prix (61 laps 1 lap = 5.067 km, a total of 309.087 kilometers)

Not Finish Kimi Raikkonen (Fin. / Ferrari), Jarno Trulli (Ita) Toyota, Adrian Sutil (Ger. Force India), Mark Webber (Aus./RedBull), Rubens Barrichello (Br./Honda), Nelsinho Piquet (Br./Renault)

1. Lewis Hamilton 84 points, Felipe Massa second 77, third 64 Robert Kubica, Kimi Räikkönen fourth 57, fifth 56 Heidfeld, Kovalainen 6. 51, 7. 38 Fernando Alonso, eighthSebastian Vettel 27, 9. Jarno Trulli 26, 10. Timo Glock 20

1. McLaren Mercedes 135 points, 2. Ferrari 134, 3. BMW Sauber 120, 4. Renault 51, 5. Toyota 46, 6. Toro Rosso 31, 7. Red Bull 28, 8. Williams 26, 9. Honda 14