The exhibition will also be sold in Trenčín, Šťastný will play with two sons

Poprad. Wednesday’s exhibition hockey evening in Poprad with US teammates Paul Demiter brought 16 goals and a lot of hockey joy.

Additionally, players or fans have quietly remembered the great ice hockey player who tragically died in the fall of the plane along with the whole team of Lokomotiv Yaroslavl less than three years ago.

The legendary Peter Šťastný talked about the pride of the players and the audience enthusiasm. MS 2002 Gold Bounty Shooter Peter Bondra has experienced a full popradic chase after ten years when during the NHL under the Tatras came the biggest rival – Slovan Bratislava.

Richard Lintner captivated the atmosphere on ice, but also in the dressing room. Having so many great players in one place was an unforgettable experience for him.Two and a half generations Ľubomír Višňovský was kindly surprised not only by the backdrop, but also by the newly-made popradský zimák, and his colleague Zdeno Chara said that contactless exhibition hockey did not hinder him. “It’s fun and especially to make the most of the goals. I can enjoy it,” said one of the hardest NHL defenders.

All the actors agreed that when the 38-minute light went out and the big “Demitrova” thirty-eight shone on the screen, they overcame their emotions. Michal Handzuš best describes it all.

“It would be better if this match was on another occasion and Paolo Demitra was here with us,” said the Stanley Cup holder in the Chicago jersey.

“I am convinced that Pľao was here with us and was looking forward to this great action.Everyone can be proud. The players are enthusiastic, people have fun, a nice and memorable evening, “said Peter Šťastný.

” Two and a half generations of Slovak hockey have met. We could remember our beginnings in representation and at the same time meet those who still play at the top level. For me superaction, “added Peter Bondra’s opinion as Stuff as Howe.

The American side enjoyed the game well, Demir had a great hockey player and a good man in St. Louis, and everyone blamed the former striker Blues Kelly Chase:

“It’s great we managed to organize this game. We like to play in Poprad with so many great Slovak hockey players and I have to particularly boast fantastic spectators.I’m looking forward to the next two meetings of this show series. “

These will be played on Friday in Trenčín and on Saturday in Bratislava.” It has been reported that Trenčín is sold out, it is a very strong hockey town. Personally, I think Bratislava will move it and there will be an extraordinary atmosphere, “added Peter Šťastný, who played on Wednesday in the Slovak team, but also alongside his son Yan in the St. Louis team.

If all goes well, on Friday my second son Pałko will come and I will be able to play together with both my sons, like Gordie Howe once, “Peter Šťastný laughed to read: In the exhibition, the Slovaks won the St. Louis 9: 8, decided Shawl