Spotakova begins to race: Doping Abakumov? I was not surprised

The doping scandal is resolved again in the athletic world. This time, one of the main roles is played by the Russian fighter, Maria Abakumov, the great rival of world record holder Barbora Špotáková. “To tell the truth, it really did not surprise me in any way, and I do not really enjoy it or do it,” said the double Olympic winner, who now focuses on herself. She had to postpone the start of the season due to her leg fracture. He plans for Thursday, June 2 at the Diamond League in Rome. The next Monday will be shown to home fans at the Josef Odložil Memorial in Prague on Julis.

At the end of March, you broke your leg.What did you experience before the season?
“I did not really believe I was going to be able to get it all right and throw away. Those thoughts are of course sometimes black, but now I have tried to throw at 60. I hope to overcome 60 meters at the Josef Odložil Memorial. Otherwise I have to say that I was really looking forward to this season. “

How are you at this moment?
” While walking no longer does not hurt , I can run even slightly. I can graduate with a javelin, but it’s still not quite at all. I still have to control it a lot, but it means that sometimes it may be better, because the control, the pursuit of technique, is important in the spear. So maybe it will not be bad at all.We will really see the races. “

So we will see shorter races at the beginning?
” Yes, they will definitely be shortened and probably slower than we are accustomed to. But I believe I’ll get into it gradually. The leg is getting better, so I believe I’m going faster and faster. “

Do you believe that you will be fine in OH and you are spreading?
It is true that time is quite enough. I have a set countdown on my mobile and 85 days passed in the middle of the javelin finale, which is still quite a long time. Now I’m totally healthy, so I think a lot of things can still work. I’m going to my goal and I believe that on August 18th, I will be able to unleash it and it will be as it should be. “

This season is the main Olympics in Rio.Now it looks like she will miss Maria Abakumov…
“Yes, I’ve noticed that some rivals could drop off. But I feel that the participation of the Russian expedition will be decided on June 17th. But I would definitely like to allow the Russians to participate because I can not imagine OH without a Russian Federation. “At Mariah Carey in Beijing, she commented on how her leg muscles grew. So, you are now surprised by her positive doping test?
“To tell the truth, I did not really surprise you anymore, and I do not do it anymore. The biggest surprise was when a big affair with the entire Russian system arose a few months ago. After that, there could be more things to be done, so this is the consequence of this.On the other hand, there is not a B sample, so we can not say someone is positive. “

This new case really did not surprise you a bit?
” No, because it was a systemic thing , So it was clear that there are more fish caught there. “