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The first part of the Czech Teams’ Tour arrived at the Davis Cup in Třinec by train. Jiří Veselý, Adam Pavlásek arrived with Captain Jaroslav Navrátil and as the fifth player of the Czech band Zdenek Kolar. Radek Štěpánek and Lukáš Rosol joined the team in the evening. Tomas Berdych, the Czech first, apologized to Davis Cup against France (Tsonga, Poullie, Mahut, Herbert). The hockey Werk Arena will play on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays, the beginning of the matches are at 14, 12 and 13 hours.

“We are looking forward to Třinec for us It’s a hockey city, but I hope tennis will also be at the weekend, “Jaroslav Navratil said after the arrival.”The French have no chance,” Palkovska smiled, who was then pinking with Vesely and Kolář a couple of times in the newly built railway station. “I hope the boys will make the most of our victory, even if a very difficult opponent is waiting for us,” says Captain Navratil.

Tomas Berdych apologized after successful Wimbledon how much he will miss?

The Cup is set to play in Washington, Toronto, Cincinnati, and the body needs to rest.”

On the other hand, the French will miss Gasquet or Monfils, so how do you see the team’s chances?
” They are also weakened. Experienced players such as Gasquet, Monfils or Simon are too much for them. Poullie is a promise for the future, he is a very good player, as old as Adam Pavlasek, and Jirka Veselý knows him well. But it will be premiered in the Davis Cup, and we all know it is tied up a bit. Everyone tried it. It will have the advantage of playing in a foreign environment rather than home. We will look to try to make two points through him and try to grab a third point somewhere. Even if it’s complicated.Tsonga in this form is very difficult to defeat and I saw the Wimbledon finals of their doubles when Herbert and Mahut won the Grand Slam. But this is the Davis Cup, not a normal tournament. “

Rosol and Stepanek come later?
” I talked to both of them, they wanted to relax a bit. Lukáš wanted to stay with his family, Radek went to his parents, and on Sunday evening they will be with us. “

Play for the first time in Třinec, do you have any personal memories of this town? /> “I have one much older, I played here as an older student. (Smiles) It’s been a lot of years back. But I was here a few times in hockey in the old hall and once in the new. My memories are pleasant. Třinec is a sports city. Audiences in Prague and Ostrava are known.I believe that fans will help us in Třinec as well. We look forward to it! “