MFK Dolny Kubin has logged out of II. League is the first descending

BRATISLAVA. MFK Dolný Kubín will definitely not enter the second highest Slovak football competition in the spring part of the 2015/16 season.

The reason for opting out is the lack of funds to ensure team running.

The leadership of the club, which competes with 12 teams, falls after the fall of Doxxbet in the Eastern League at 9.Spot with 22 points (balance: 18 matches – 7 victories, 1 draw, 10 losses, score 21:29, note), this unflattering fact was published last week on its own official website.

Dolnokubinci informed about their decision through a letter signed by MFK President Milan Ďaďo also the governing body of the second-round competition – the sports and technical committee of the Slovak Football Association.

“Based on the decision of MFK Dolny Kubin, a civic association organizing a team of adults starting in Group II in the East, we are pleased to announce that we are voting for this team in the spring part of the competition. There is insufficient financial cover for the cost of having a team in the competition.The MFK has solved the problem at the last possible moment in the winter break, but it did not work. We consider it fair to withdraw from the competition before the start of the spring session, as we do in the course of it, affecting the table and the position of our opponents. We are sorry for this decision because we value our participation in the competition as well as our rivals or the governing body. We wish you and all our rivals lots of luck and sporting success.We believe that we will meet again soon on the football pitch, “said in the above-mentioned list of MFK Dolny Kubin, which published the official website of the Slovak Football Association (SFZ).

After the Dolnek Kubin exit, the second highest Doxxbet football competition The league in the East Group has a season with eleven participants.

When questioning what this withdrawal from the competition means for the league and its active participants, the chairman of the sports and technical committee of the Slovak Football Union (ŠTK SFZ) Ján Panák for the official website SFZ stated:

“Under the relevant provisions of the SFZ competition rules, all current MFK Dolny Kubin results are canceled and the club is the first to be drawn from the Doxxbet East League.The Eastern Rescue Group will be five members. The teams whose opponents should be Dolny Kubin will be left in the round. This also applies to the matches of the last four rounds of the base. In order for cooperatives from the two groups (West and East) to move to the top of the Fortuna League to have the same conditions, the team from the West Group will not transfer the results of the duels to the team that will end up on the base at 12. “