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Then we calmed nerves of us falls, we perform a beautiful event. Even more important then that we came to the entrance of the second half. There we finally calmed down. “You gave yourself a message for the rest of the league that even when všeljaké situation with the stadium and soaking up the fight to save you deserve to be in the league? “Everyone in football today was to see it. Twice we played Jablonec, so you can see that we belong here. To rescue them but a lot of matches. We have to bounce back here from this and score points even in the other.

“- Tribal player Sigma Olomouc – in the Champions League boarded hosting for Jihlava and Znojmo – member national teams to 16, 17, 18 and 19 years, youth repeprezentacích played 27 matches and he scored 8 goals – seven of their eight league goals this season gave – in his career, he joined the league of sixteen duels – Born in Šumperk February 10, 1991, measured 187 cm and weighs 81 kg “I love the atmosphere, surroundings and friends, too I liked it, “said Tomas Kraus, a former world champion and world Cup winner for iSport. cz. “A little, at least I tried biathlon, which was so successful in Sochi. ” Second place at the World Cup you pleased, or rather pissed that he did not come to the Olympics? “Actually, both.

I always take my things out of what is good for them.

I already before the race in Arosa said that this will be my last race of the season, so I am glad that I will behold successful. And it was not a week earlier in Sochi? That, of course, a little regret, there is a sting that could come out. But rather I rejoice that result came, and I was like zaválel. “It turned out that the form of the Olympics really was timed? “I did everything in my power. But it was about the little things and you do not wish to. Unfortunately, the medal was for the two Olympics, which I attended, only six. And to me it did not work.