Federer showed he still has a grandslam title

BRATISLAVA. This year’s Roland Garros has confirmed that Rafael Nadal is still a world champion, who has maintained his position and confirmed the sixth triumph in Paris why he is the best claymaker in history.

Roger Federer’s performances are also positive. Some veteran depressed media managed to regain their momentum and convince critics that the last Grand Slam title is still awaited.

His semi-final match against Djokovic was the absolute sum of the clay tournament of the year.

The chances of success were in the final. Phases in his game, especially in a 5: 2 state in the first set and in the third set, were again world class. The world unit knew how to press both forhen and bekhed.Excellent Physical Preparation

The Federer twenty-year-old was also excellent, which seemed to be the world’s lighter than four years younger opponent, and after a long time it was obvious that he returned to his self-confidence.

“I have never completely lost my confidence. Last year I was a little broken after Roland Garros, but overall I had other good results that encouraged me. What is important is that I was able to fight again in the grandslam final, “Federer told the accredited media.

“I think Roger played very well. He has been able to play blows that do not give you much space. At the end of the first set, he had a bit of a laugh. I was waiting patiently for the chance that came.I was also helped by the fact that I did not alleviate the situation and forced him to mistakes, “quoted tennis.com Nadal.

Spaniard in Paris again showed why he won the title of the grandslam in the 25th. If someone wants to beat him in a three-match match, he needs a flawless performance. However, this may not be enough. It was seen in the breakthrough moments of the sets. If Nadal needed to win an important ball, he won it. The perfect defense has always forced Federer to make a mistake. This is also evidenced by the statistics of unforced errors that the Swiss made by 29 more. Video //www.youtube.com/embed/quQyi-kdr1A It has to minimize the number of errors

“Federer and Nadal will always be Roger.Like other players, however, he has to minimize the number of mistakes because Rafa has shifted his defensive play to perfection, “tennis expert Patcice McEnro told espn.com.

Still, Federer has a chance for another great triumph. Form was stepped up at the most appropriate moment. Wimbledon has begun a few weeks to win his career six times. Rapid play can once again dominate the English grass.

“Wimbledon always has a special place in my heart. It’s the tournament I’m most focused on and it’s my priority, “added the World Three.