Cursed Ronaldo: For EURO twenty shots and no goal, neither gave a penalty

In two matches on the EURO he fired twenty times at the goal. That’s more of a try than nine teams in the tournament. Still, star Cristano Ronaldo is still waiting for the first goal.

Against Austria (0: 0) he again got into big chances. He tried to finish his head, kick off and even kicked a penalty, but the first hit did not come again.

Portugal stands on it. This is clear after the two matches played in the French tournament. The success of the Iberian Peninsula team does not depend on stars such as Nani or Quaresma, but Captain Ronald and his goals.

But you do not come to France. While after the first match with Iceland (1: 1) the draw still apologized for hesitation, an additional loss of points with Austria is already alarming.The Portuguese could become a group. Portugal’s chances of winning a chance were clear. “Ronaldo’s penalty online betting guide against Austria”