Biathletes ended in a relay MS to 7-site

Ruhpolding.In mixed race Relay 2×6 km for women and men 2×7,5 km ovenčilo the title of Norway composed Tora Bergerová, Synnoeve Solemdal, Ole Einar Björndalen and Svendsen.

Gold, however, provide additional, competition jury subtracted seconds Bjorndalen the third section, which caused the wrong target and Bjoerndalen mistakenly sent to the criminal circuit.

Although catch up surprisingly first goal in Slovenia composed Andreja Maliová, Teja Gregorin, Klemen Bauer and Jakov Fak, had to be content with the silver and loss to defending champion Norway 20.2 seconds, bronze fought Germany Mank with 32.8 seconds.

Slovak Quartet Jana Gereková, Anastasia Kuzminová, Matej Kazár, Dušan Šimočko catch up to sevenththe place where the golden Norway lost 1: 56,3 min. Title to Norway

Bavarian city at all resembled Mecca winter, early spring, due to the calm and warm sunny weather with two stages.

The start was built 27 mixed Relay and including the Slovak, who are pleasantly surprised before šamionátom when the eighthSP round in the Finnish Kontiolahti nearing completion on third.

An admirable Spectator scene with 16-strong crowd at the stadium rushed the initial meters ahead especially Nemko Henkel, but beside it and Janu Gerekovú who dare ranked just behind the leading mink Berger.

The perfectly groomed trails, or becoming unusable by heavy rain the day before, ran the first two kilometers Gereková perfect and flawless after the initial shooting was ranked fourthinstead, favored Nemky to the 16-th, which, however, given the small distances not important.

The shooting stojmo the Gereková refrain when charging the third and fifth target, pressure on the psyche, however, managed and continuously further improved to third with a loss of 35.2 to handover to Norway.

on the first section of the ruled infallible Nórka Bergerová before France Brunet (+24.7), and the second of France Haber-Dorin. Anastasia Kuzminová to recharge the Lezky twice on the first and third target, dropped to sixthplace and took a loss of 44.9 seconds on mink Solemdal.

After a shooting stojmo and three recharging Solemdal be revised to face Frenchwoman Habertová-Dorin, Kuzminová one recharging the third target of the shooting ran fourth (+36.3). Head coach Gašperčík satisfied

When the female half of the race lined up at the top of France, Germany (+7.2), Norway (+17.1) and fourth Slovakia (+33.5) and Matej Kazar.

After a shooting prone again zauzlilo order, with excellent Birnbacher Germans, French hapless S.Fourcadem who had enormous trouble with a gun and also s Kazárom, when the first and fifth target only three charging.

The uprights are improved, with one charging the second target, on the other hand, the criminal circuit seemingly Pohora Norwegian Bjoerndalen error on the target he illegally sent to the criminal circuit and as Birnbacher again brilliantly headed, has created a huge over minute lead.

In the final section of the first vbiehal Nemec Peiffer before Slovincom Fakom (+58.7), Norwegians Svendsen (+1: 10.8), Dušan Šimočko have a loss on the 7thplace 1: 36.2, and hope for a very good result to keep an unaltered barred after shooting prone, with one charging the second target.

Large plot occurred after the shooting stojmo, Peiffer had to run criminal circuit and in the final circuit is barreling Slovenian Fak with a lead of 7.6 seconds before Peiffer and 15.8 seconds ahead of Svendsen.

Fine shooting comfort and Šimočko for Slovakia was born a very good placement with final 7th rung, yet most valuable in history mix Relay.

The vision of gold can easily maintain Fak with seemingly historic title for Slovenia in the mix and the finish was in the battle for silver more forces Svendsen before Peiffer.After the jury races changed order, Norway took away from the final time as much as Björndalen prepared for the penalty circuit, and so on the highest level was the defender of the title.

Chief executive Milan Gašperčík rejoiced from seventh place. “We are very happy if anyone doubted our third place on the World Cup in Kontiolahti that there was a poor competition, so we have opened his eyes now.”

“Ruhpolding was the best, loaded starter field, we were very, but very satisfied, the skis went full, they all ran to the limits of their abilities, and it ended well.Infarct to the shooting range or not so, before the finish, when the Dušan Šimočko maintain seventh place before dobiedzajúcim Czechs Šlesingr. “

” The shooting’m hoping the penalty loop will not go, Dušan Šimočko straddle reliably and properly also he fought in the final circuit. It is our greatest achievement in this discipline at the World Cup and we evoke good mood. ‘Race mixed Relay (2×6 km women and men 2×7,5 km):

The first Norway (Tora Bergerová, Synnoeve Solemdal. Bjornddalen Ole Einar, Svendsen) 1: 12: 29.3 (1 + 11), 2. Slovenia (Andrew Maliová, Teja Gregorin, Clement Bauer, Yakov Fak) + 20.2 (0 + 7), the thirdGermany (Andrea Henkelová, Magdalena Neunerová, Andreas Birnbacher, Arnd Peiffer) 32.8 (1 + 10), 4. Sweden 1: 00.0 (0 + 9), 5. Russia 1: 27.7 (0 + 5) 6. Belarus 1: 52.9 (0 + 7) 7. Slovakia (Jana Gereková, Anastasia Kuzminová, Matej Kazár, Dušan Šimočko) 1: 56.3 (0 + 10), 8, Czech Republic 1: 56.4 (0 + 14) d